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Curico Valley

Chile is known as a paradise for the production of wine, which is largely due to its globally unique geographic barriers; the Atacama Desert in the North, the majestic Andes mountain range to the East, the Antarctic ice to the South and the cold currents from the Pacific Ocean to the West.

The history of wine making in Chile dates back to the 16th century with the introduction of wine grapes by Spanish conquistadors in the New World.

The Curicó Valley, located (on the 35th parallel south) 180 kilometers to the South of the capital city of Santiago, stands out among the various wine growing valleys in Chile as one of the most prestigious.

Of all the valleys in Chile it has the larger number of varieties planted, which reflects its diversity of terroirs and optimal conditions for the production of wines.

The producers and partners of Lautaro Wines have their fields located in the vicinity of the small town of “Sagrada Familia” (located just 15 kilometers from the city of Curicó) with their combined plantations covering close to 180 hectares. Most of the Lautaro Wines have a Denomination of Origin “Lontué Valley”, which is a sub-Valley of Curicó.

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