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Lautaro Wines

Welcome to our past and present

The story of our association began in 1997 when 17 small scale grape producers grouped together to form the Sociedad Vitivinícola Sagrada Familia S.A, in the Lontué Valley, to produce fine wines under the principles of Fair Trade for different markets in the world, bringing the fruit of our efforts, land, climate and joy to thousands of households.

Fundamental was the support of the Belgian NGO OXFAM Wereldwinkels, who sought in Chile a company of our profile, to bring to the old world, wines of the small scale family agriculture.

20 years have now passed, and Lautaro Wines has operated under the philosophy of Fair Trade and exported wines to Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, France, Finland, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

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