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We are proud to be part of the Fair Trade movement in the world. Lautaro Wines has been certified as Fair Trade since 2002.

Fair Trade is an alternative to conventional forms of commerce, which promotes a voluntary, transparent and fair commercial relations between producers and buyers.

It guarantees a fair price that allows producers to cover their costs of production, receiving reasonable economic rewards for their work, which allows the viability of their activities in time.

Unrestricted respect for the labor rights of those who participate in the production processes and environmental sustainability, are also a fundamental part.

In addition to the price, a premium is paid, which is used to promote social and economic development of producers and their families, of the workers and communities involved. Lautaro Wines employs the premium in educational programs, training, health, recreational activities and special support in case of emergencies.

FLO ID of Lautaro Wines: 4385

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